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Are You Feeling Down and Can't Seem to Change It ?

  • Are you feeling stressed and just can't seem to snap out of it ?

  • Do you feel sad, hopeless, or angry much of the time?

  • Do you have a hard time understanding your emotions?

  • Are you trying to overcome a devastating event in your life?

  • Do you have trouble making good decisions for your life ?

  • Are your relationships suffering or in conflict ?

If you can relate to these challenges, feelings, or relationship woes then help is here !

I will help you manage or overcome obstacles in your life. Sometimes these events are predictable and all knowing and sometimes they are sudden or unexpected. Mostly, it does not matter how predictable or how sudden change or loss is in your life; what matters is, how this event or set of circumstances affects you and your loved ones.

You have probably tried to overcome these difficulties through ways you know how. You have many ways to cope with ordinary and extraordinary life problems. You turn to friends and family and partners for support but you may wake up feeling the same way as yesterday. If this is you, then you are not alone. There are times in one's life when we all need to turn to sources of help that we have not sought before; Or, you may have sought professional help before and you are feeling the need again.

It is a normal phenomenon to be ambivalent about change. Also common, is to have fear and anxiety about asking for help. I can help make this experience easier, non-judgmentally and confidentially.

umbrella pictureYou cannot stop the rain, but you can shield yourself from the elements.

If something in your life is holding you back; Or, if you are driven to want more out of life, then I have more information for you !


How I can help you is here NOW.

I will assess your life and each challenge as you relate them to me. I will help you decide what is important to you now. I will help you strategize what areas in your life need addressing in both short and long-term goals. In essence, I will help you re-examine areas in your life that are not working, your losses, your relationships, and other events that may cause you to be unhappy, disappointed, sad, angry, frustrated, or even depressed.

I will use my knowledge and experience in a supportive but challenging way in order to push you to new limits. In a compassionate and helpful way, I will consistently nudge you to move forward in your life and in your relationships with yourself, your partner, your children, your family and your friends. With these ideas, tools, and new knowledge about yourself, you can plow through your challenges, be content with who you are and find more hope and love within and around you.

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